Hello World. 

What a strange way to begin. The start of something I have only dreamed of for years and years. 

Creating content, creating connections, creating opportunities... for love, joy, friendship, and Jesus to abound. 

I'm not going to lie, even putting words down on a blog again is starting to make me emotional. If you've never seen my previous blog that I kept as I lived 1 year in Lima, Peru, 1 year in Jerusalem, Israel, until my first years of college at UCLA, then you should check it our... here.

I have so missed being able to write. Being able to express exactly what is going on in this big head of mine. The last few years have been the most challenging of my life. I must admit, they were not the most enjoyable, but the reward of knowledge that I have received from them has made it worth it. I have been so confused for so many nights, that writing to other people out there in the world felt like the last thing I needed, despite how much I may have wanted to.  But all the stories will come. All will be told in time. 

I write not because I feel I need to. I write because this is how I process. And sometimes (pretty much always), I find that some of you out there process a lot more quickly than I do, which is why I find it beneficial to ask help of others who have lived even more life than I have. 

A few things you should know right off the bat. 

1) Circle3Productions ---> came from Circle3Records (my sister's unofficial label name that we created years ago). It comes from a combination of the Biblical Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), as well as the fact that...

2) I come from a farm. An onion farm to be exact. I am probably the last person the big city needed to welcome in. I laugh loud in the movie theatre, I drive a big car (toyota 4runner), I feel as though the entire world should be friends, and to top it off, I didn't know that recycling was actually a thing until very late in life. 

Anyways, being from a farm, every "sprinkler" that waters the crops is actually more commonly known as a circle... because it goes in a circle. Since our farm has multiple circles... we numbered them. So yes, Circle3Productions is actually named after a location on the Grigg & Sons farm - circle 3. 

But there will be plenty of time to learn about me. 

If there's anything I can tell you at the end of today, it is this... create, and never stop. But don't create for creating sake. You have a voice. You have a story. Use them. When words are not enough, that is where I believe God gave us art. So that we can express things that our tongues will never be able to pronounce, our ears will never be able to hear. For me, art/music truly is a way of communicating that has no equal, with God, and with people. 

That is what Circle3Productions is really about. Though it may be a curation of my artwork, I would hope it would inspire you to begin your own. That you would share that here, there, anywhere. That this would be a place where love, peace, and joy are free to roam. 

God created you because his voice was love. He chose spend His time on you. What will you spend your time on?